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Design webových stránek

Design a produkce webových stránek pro firmy, kapely i jiné organizace.

Jakékoliv jiné propagační materiály

Od základních tiskovin jako jsou Vaše vizitky,přes unikátní obaly až po cokoliv je třeba vytvořit pro Váš marketing.

Focení, ilustrace i 3D

Co by byla vaše prezentace bez obrazu.


I mainly draw in a realistic style, what means classic portraits of your loved ones. I love working with charcoals in combination with a white pencil. An achievement of reality capture is created by combinations of techniques, such as pastels, pencils and coals. I also enjoy use just colour pencils which free my hand to create relaxing illustrations, which help make my handwriting more recognizable than the realistic portraits.


The photoshoot is my joy more than any professional ambition. The best photographs are generated as a result of luck, being in the right place at the right time. All the beautiful mornings while jogging or just walking my dog, all the gorgeous evenings when I saw sceneries and I thought how pity I haven’t got my camera. These moments made me more determined to be ready.

Digital Design

I am here for small businesses which need help with digital design tasks. I can provide a complex design service from a business card to a website.  Consistent presentation helps memorize a brand image. I have an individual approach for each project. I cooperate with my friends on their projects or business presentations permanently. I have a full-time job as a 3D designer.


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